Could You Spot the Measles?

You know about the current rash of measles cases, but when was the last time you saw an actual patient with measles? Will you recognize the disease?


Mumps and rubella vaccines—I suspect if they could talk they would express feelings a lot like Rodney Dangerfield’s—that they get little respect, their infections often overlooked alongside the deadlier measles virus. 

Quadracel joins Kinrix as the second DTaP-polio combination vaccine. See if you can compare and contrast features, parsing true from false.

The NCVIA also requires that certain things be included in the patient’s chart.

Check your VIS IQ with a few frequently asked questions about CDC regulations governing distribution of vaccine information statement sheets.

Tuberculosis, measles, and influenza have declined over the years but not gone away. See the slides that follow for key facts and figures on the current state of these ongoing public health threats.


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