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Could You Spot the Measles?

You know about the current rash of measles cases, but when was the last time you saw an actual patient with measles? Will you recognize the disease?



Pediatricians will answer these 2 nursery-round inspired questions with no trouble. If your Peds rotation was a while back, let's test your memory.


See if you recall a few basics about program eligibility and the vaccines covered by the law. It's a short quiz.


Not much about the family of hepatitis viruses is as simple as ABC. Test yourself on a few of the fine points, here.


Ten kids, 2 counselors, and a nest of bats discovered in a cabin. What's a camp doctor to do?

Immunosuppression after measles leaves children vulnerable to nonmeasles infection for up to 3 years, a new study finds. Just vaccinate!

A college freshman whose mother elected not to have her vaccinated learns about the downsides in genetics class.

Rarely in the news, eclipsed by measles, these wall-flower viruses are not benign when they strike. Do you remember their consequences?


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