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Help for Kids with Chronic Migraines?

Preventive options are scarce. What about cognitive behavioral therapy?



Active, healthy 11-y/o boy develops degenerative neurologic symptoms. PMH relevant for measles at age 1 year, MMR vaccine at 8 months. Is there a connection?

In the absence of an official preference for one formulation over another, we can do what's best for our patients.

A family of 4 will vacation in India. None has received a flu shot. Mom is pregnant; Dad takes Flovent; one son has acne. What do you tell them?

A family of 4 plans a vacation to India; typhoid vaccination is needed. Who can receive it? When? And is the pill or injection indicated?

Fingers point in all directions when the topic of low US HPV vaccination rates comes up. How to skip the drama? Just do it.

Universal coverage with the HPV vaccine would save thousands of lives in the US each year. Why are we at ~40%?

Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red. Each color is in the title of a stellar medical reference book, all of which books should be on your office shelf.


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