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Do You Know the Hepatits ABCs?

Not much about the family of hepatitis viruses is as simple as ABC. Test yourself on a few of the fine points, here.



Meningococcal vaccine indications

Brush up on meningococcal vaccine indications with a cheat sheet and a few clinical scenarios to test your memory.

Would you know your options for treating a post-partum mom infected with flu who is eager to start breastfeeding her infant? Find out, here.

Significant arm pain brings a 49 y/o man to see you. He wonders if the shot he got a few weeks ago might be to blame. What do you tell him?

Some vaccines, like cocktails, depend on precise temperatures and ingredients mixed at just the right time before "serving." Test your cross-mixology.

A seasoned pediatrician learns something new after a mother offers a moral defense against the Varivax vaccine for her son.

There is no room in the office refrigerator for Monday's vaccine delivery. Your son's mini-fridge is an ideal temporary fix. True or False?

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A new coalition’s goal is to work together to increase adult vaccination rates and stop vaccine-preventable diseases.


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