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Do You Know the Hepatits ABCs?

Not much about the family of hepatitis viruses is as simple as ABC. Test yourself on a few of the fine points, here.



Imagine a US lottery where the prize money funds an NIH flu program. Now imagine, as the NIH head, you get to choose the program.

What is the acceptable balance between benefit and risk to prevent a vaccine's being pulled from the market? See what you recall about these 3 cases.

The mysteries of Zika persist but the tragic similarity between the measles and this virus is that both are devastating to a fetus.

Rubeola, roseola, rubella -- oh my! See what you know about traditional lay terms for these diseases and how they are similar and different.

Why is receiving a vaccination a bit like entering a lottery? Our author uses the 2014 measles outbreak in California to illustrate.

MMR vaccine and ITP

A 5 y/o boy bruises easily. Mom thinks he has leukemia. On exam he does have purpura. So, where do vaccines fit in?

Active, healthy 11-y/o boy develops degenerative neurologic symptoms. PMH relevant for measles at age 1 year, MMR vaccine at 8 months. Is there a connection?


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