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Do You Know the Hepatits ABCs?

Not much about the family of hepatitis viruses is as simple as ABC. Test yourself on a few of the fine points, here.



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A new coalition’s goal is to work together to increase adult vaccination rates and stop vaccine-preventable diseases.

Prevnar prevents deadly disease. Like other vaccines, it offers less touted benefits, too; small, but not insignificant.

Mailing a lollipop licked by a child infected with chicken pox is: A. Stupid. B. Illegal. C. All of the above. D. Other.

A new flu season is never elementary for primary care. Two questions on flu and its spread that may prove educational.

MMR vaccine and ITP

A 5 y/o boy bruises easily. Mom thinks he has leukemia. On exam he does have purpura. So, where do vaccines fit in?


Pediatricians will answer these 2 nursery-round inspired questions with no trouble. If your Peds rotation was a while back, let's test your memory.


See if you recall a few basics about program eligibility and the vaccines covered by the law. It's a short quiz.


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