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In this Medical News Minute, Dr Bobby Lazzara highlights what may be definitive research linking use of anticholinergic drugs to cognitive decline in older adults.

VIDEO: The 18 y/o cannot recall a precipitating event; pain "can get up to a 10." Afebrile, no emesis. Suspicions?

What is the cause of this erythematous rash that appeared suddenly and spread rapidly on the child's trunk and extremities?

Video: Patient's ADLs were unaffected by symptoms until 2 days ago. She arrives at ED directly from PCP's office, after echo. Dx?

VIDEO: The child's hands are chronically dry but the skin has recently begun to crack; vesicular rash appeared after an ocean swim. Dx?

Clinician mental health advocate Pamela Wible, MD, has drafted The 10 Commandments for Medical Educators. Your comments welcomed.

PT Video: A short course of steroids was ineffective. He returns to ED c/o worsening joint and abdominal pain. Can you Dx?


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