Does this rash look like impetigo? Herpes? Tinea? Cellulitis? Here's a close look and a link to the answer and discussion.

Radiating chest pain and sweating in a middle-aged man who describes a history of anxiety: looks like classic MI, but is it? Watch the video for clues.

A nurse describes his own bout with atrial fibrillation—the symptoms and his attempts to cardiovert to normal rhythm—from his hospital bed.

Progressive numbness in 3 fingers on both hands led this computer programmer to diagnose himself as having carpal tunnel syndrome. But, there's more to this story.

In its classic form, ALS affects motor neurons at 2 or more levels supplying multiple regions of the body.

Mental illness is a risk factor for HIV infection. It brings a number of behavioral correlates that put patients at risk for getting infected. As HIV infection worsens, it begins to affect the brain, and cyclical relationship between the disease and mental illness begins.

Here, HIV/AIDS specialist, Dr Susan Ball, answers 6 questions about HIV infection that primary care clinicians commonly ask.


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