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Patient describes extreme pain and submandibular progressive swelling after molar extraction several days earlier. Watch video exam.

Video: Right ear pain and purulent drainage have not improved despite antibiotic Rx several days ago. Watch the exam. What's your Dx?

Pt calls 911 for chest pain. In transit, signs, symptoms, history of the real problem are unmistakable. Your Dx?

He is actively seizing when EMS arrives. Mother says this happens once a year, about the same time. Details, in the video.

Pt video: Woke with symptoms. PMH: hypertension, arrhythmias. PPD smoker, drinks ETOH. More history, here.

The patient felt like her "head would explode" from the pain on the left side of her face. Watch the ED video and formulate your own diagnosis.

The mother reports the child spilled hot liquid while removing a cup from the microwave. Does the injury match the claim?


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