Scotland Sees Sharp Decrease in COVID-19 Hospitalizations Following Vaccinations

Mediterranean region imposes partial lockdown following a surge in cases.

This article was originally published in ContagionLive.

As more and more coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines continue to be doled out throughout the world, cases and hospitalizations continue to decrease in many countries.

On Monday, investigators stated that Scotland’s vaccination program has led to a steep reduction in hospitalizations, according to data from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Strathclyde and Public Health Scotland.

It was discovered that the Oxford-AstraZeneca and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines reduced hospital admissions by 94% and 85% respectively. This information is encouraging and is proving that the shots work in the real world as they did in controlled studies.

In Southern California, the CAL.20C variant of COVID-19 has been linked with a recent surge in cases in the region.

The strain originated from a group of viruses that spread from Europe to New York earlier in the course of the pandemic and was first detected in California in July.

On January 22nd, CAL.20C accounted for 44% of new cases in Southern California and is distinct from other mutations like the UK and South African variants.

Additionally, a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that the COVID-19 vaccines have relatively low rates of adverse reactions.

Between December 14th and January 13th, there was more than 13.7 million vaccine doses administered with 6994 reports of adverse events. Of those, 6354 were deemed non-serious and 640 were classified as serious.

United States63.09 million18.86 per 100
China40.52 million2.82 per 100
United Kingdom18.2 million26.81 per 100
India11.09 million0.8 per 100
Israel7.36 million85.01 per 100
Brazil6.95 million3.27 per 100
Turkey6.57 million7.79 per 100
United Arab Emirates5.55 million56.16 per 100
Germany5.07 million6.05 per 100
Russia3.9 million2.67 per 100

Data Table per Our World in Data (Feb 21, 2021, 12 AM EST)

West Virginia, after a bumpy start in their program, now has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. The state has administered almost 450,000 doses, with more than 9% of its population receiving both shots.

California7,453,46818.98 per 100
Texas4,673,86815.91 per 100
Florida4,387,05120.18 per 100
New York3,621,97318.73 per 100
Illinois2,339,54618.46 per 100
Pennsylvania 2,306,82818.01 per 100
Ohio 2,140,68818.31 per 100
North Carolina2,068,50519.72 per 100
Michigan1,933,64819.56 per 100
Georgia1,850,85617.43 per 100

Data Table per CDC COVID-19 Tracker (Feb 21, 2021, 6 AM EST)

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