Tweet Chat on Burnout Scheduled for February 24

February 23, 2020
The rate of burnout—dependent on survey size and definitions of actual burnout—is projected to affect anywhere from one-half to two-thirds of US physicians today.

And those rates seem to be climbing. How can an individual impact the numbers of burnout?

On Monday, Alicia M. Kowalski, MD (@aliciakowalski7), Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center, joins the HCPLive® and SoMeDocs teams to lead a discussion on physician burnout.

The chat begins Monday, February 24, at 7 PM EST, under the #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs hashtags. Here are the questions:
  • How do your burnout symptoms manifest, if any? Have they changed over time?
  • What factors do you believe are most contributory in driving your burnout?
  • How have healthcare silos affected the prevalence and severity of burnout?
  • In what ways has real-life action to address healthcare burnout not caught up to research and rhetoric into the issue?
  • What are some steps a physician can take to reduce burnout without stepping away from practice?
  • What online resources or outlets have best helped you deal with burnout, and how?
  • What interventions have you found to be most beneficial? Individual level? Organizational level?
Anyone interested in joining the chat should follow @MDMagazine and @SoMeDocs, check the hashtags, and look out for this banner indicating the chat’s start on Twitter:

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Every Monday evening over the next month, doctors, care providers, students, experts, and advocates can participate in the joint #DocTalk and #SoMeDocs chat: a discussion on the biggest trends, news, ideas, and issues in healthcare today, hosted by a network of physician thought leaders.

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