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Considerations for Evaluating Patients With Vitiligo

15 minutes ago

Ted Lain, MD, shares his approach to evaluating patients with a vitiligo diagnosis and the search for concomitant disease.

Patient Journey to Diagnosis of Vitiligo

23 minutes ago

A patient with vitiligo talks with Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, about her personal journey to diagnosis and struggles with the disease.

After COVID-19, Psoriasis Patients Prefer Biologics with Infrequent Administration, Fewer Medical Visits

3 hours ago

This research from Japan on the shifting preferences for individuals with psoriasis in the pre and post-pandemic era may indicate the effects of such events on treatment options.

No Link Observed Between Gastrointestinal Tract Surgery and New Psoriasis

11 hours ago

Both gastrointestinal surgery and appendectomies were not associated with any increased risk of psoriasis development in a national cohort.

Cannabis Use Disorder Linked to High Bipolar Disorder, Depression Risk

13 hours ago

A prospective cohort analysis of Denmark residents suggests correlation between cannabis overuse and risk of psychiatric conditions.