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Vitamin D Linked to Clinical, Endoscopic Outcomes of Vedolizumab Treatment for IBD

52 minutes ago

Pretreatment vitamin D levels were associated with endoscopic improvement in patients with UC and decreased C-reactive protein levels in patients with CD.

Real-World Data Reveal Impact of Macular Fluid Volume on nAMD Treatment

1 hour ago

Ophthalmology registry data show increased macular fluid volume after initial treatment are associated with increased numbers of injections in nAMD treatment.

Patient Survey Leads to Better Understanding of Digital Health Preferences in Fibromyalgia

12 hours ago

Common themes included preferring a standard list of symptoms, active training programs, and the desire for community.

Health Equity Barriers Emerge in Access to Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

14 hours ago

Factors associated with receiving eye care in past 12 months included a higher educational level and income, while food and housing insecurity were associated with not receiving eye care.

Thyroid Hormone Administration Provides No Benefit on Transplant Rate, Graft Survival for Brain-Dead Donor Hearts

15 hours ago

A trial randomizing brain-dead donor hearts to levothyroxine administration or saline has returned results challenging conventional wisdom on the topic, with data indicating thyroid hormone administration may provide no significant benefit.