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Consistent Exposure to Laundry Detergent Shown to Contribute to Emergence of Atopic Conditions

1 hour ago

This new research into detergent’s impact on human skin barrier dysfunction may lead to investigation by public health authorities in the near future due to its implications.

SGLT2 Inhibitors Did Not Increase Fracture Risk in Postmenopausal Patients with T2D

2 hours ago

The use of SGLT2 inhibitors was associated with similar or lower risks of fractures as incretin-based drugs, even in the high-risk patient population.

Clinical Support Tool, Shared Decision-Making Can Reduce Hypoglycemia in Older Adults

4 hours ago

A new study suggests implementation of a low-cost clinical decision support tool reduces hypoglycemia risk in older adults with type 2 diabetes.

Older Age Does Not Cause Car Accidents—Medication with Adverse Effects Do

5 hours ago

When cognitively healthy older adults performed a road test when taking a medicine with adverse effects, 35% of participants received a marginal/fail rating.

Washed Microbiota Transplantation Demonstrates Safety, Efficacy in Patients with C Diff

6 hours ago

More than 90% of patients with CDI treated with WMT achieved clinical cure, while only 3.8% of WMTs resulted in adverse events.