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Jennifer Crosbie, PhD: A Video Game Platform for Improving Executive Function

38 minutes ago

Crosbie presented results from a small pilot study testing a video game platform for patients with executive function deficits during the annual APSARD meeting.

Children, Adults with Autism Face Heightened Risk of Cardiometabolic Illnesses

1 hour ago

A systematic review and meta-analysis of nearly 3 dozen published articles details the apparent increase in risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes associated with a diagnosis of autism.

Study Suggests Efficacy of Guselkumab in Psoriasis Patients with Inadequate Ustekinumab Response

1 hour ago

New research, comparable with that of the NAVIGATE trial, was conducted and showed strong results for the use of guselkumab for psoriasis patients.

Investigators Isolate C Difficile Strains in Neurosurgery Department

3 hours ago

The 2 strains identified were highly similar and exhibited differences of only 2 single-nucleotide polymorphisms.

Diabetes Dialogue: FDA Clearance of Tidepool Loop

4 hours ago

In this episode of Diabetes Dialogue, ours hosts discuss the clearance of Tidepool Loop, what is unique about the app’s customizability and compatibility with other diabetes technologies, and other top points for people with diabetes and members of the diabetes care team to consider with the technology moving into the future.