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As One Pandemic Ends, My Tips on How To Navigate This Next One

12 hours ago

Dr. Todd Hutton gives tips for how to best handle the ongoing mental health crisis.

Diabetic Vision Loss Care Lacks Specialty Collaborations

May 08, 2021

Research at ARVO 2021 highlighted a gamut of interplaying diabetes and vision loss risk factors, and even treatments for both. But experts depict a referral and care process that lacks whole diabetes care.

No Link Found Between Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Treatment and Severe COVID-19 Outcomes

May 08, 2021

New data show NSAIDs treatment not associated with worse in-hospital mortality rates compared to patients not treated with NSAIDs.

Drop in Suicides Won't Result in Complacency in Psychiatry

May 07, 2021

A recent JAMA study shows a decrease in suicide deaths between 2019-2020, despite a 17% overall increase in mortality.

Gene Therapy AGTC-501 Hits Phase 1/2 Marks for Rare Pediatric Blindness

May 07, 2021

A podcast interview with study author Paul Yang, MD, PhD, on the current research and future implementation of the agent.