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Bisphenol-A Linked to Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Patients

22 minutes ago

Participants with diabetes mellitus specifically were more prone to develop insulin resistance due to BPA exposure as compared to non-diabetic participants

Erin D. Michos, MD, MHS: Managing Dyslipidemia with Novel Agents

19 hours ago

A case for more proactive lipid-lowering treatment initiation in a high-risk population.

Where to Screen the Next Generation of Cardiovascular-Risk Patients

20 hours ago

Lipid testing rates are very low among those under 40 years old. Where do clinicians best target high-risk patients—and how?

Sortilin 1 Gene Shows Positive Association with Coronary Artery Disease

22 hours ago

Data show the relative expression of SORT1 gene was upregulated by 4.438 fold in patients with CAD, compared to control.

New Study Details PWT2D Experiences with Basal Insulin Titration

December 04, 2021

Of the 416 basal insulin initiators, only one-third of them reached the appropriate fasting blood glucose level.