Addressing Challenges in Depression Treatment

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There is a need for new medications for depression to overcome high rates of treatment resistance.

Treatment-resistant depression is a crucial topic in psychiatry, with new potential treatments emerging that could overcome the barriers of resistance that impact many patients treated with antipsychotics.

Recently, Geoffrey Grammer, MD, Greenbrook TMS NeuroHealth Centers, led a panel discussing some of these treatments, including esketamine, and how psychiatrists can improve care for this patient population.

The panel, which was called Institutional Perspectives in Psychiatry: Addressing Challenges in Depression Treatment, is part of HCPLive’s® State of the Science webinar program where experts discuss some key questions and initiatives in medicine.

Joining Grammer during the March 23 panel were Misty Borst, MD and William Sauvé, MD, both of Greenbrook TMS NeuroHealth Centers.

After introductions, Borst kicked off the webinar with a discussion on the overall burden of the disease. Following Borst was Sauvé’s talk on some newer treatment options, including esketamine.

With some question and answer periods sprinkled in, Sauvé and Grammer closed out the program with talks on integrating patient care and other treatment options.