Alan J. Kivitz, MD: Next Steps for Research on TAK-279 for Psoriatic Arthritis

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This segment of Dr. Kivitz’s interview at ACR 2023 featured a discussion about future research on TAK-279 as well as general outlook on the field for psoriatic arthritis.

In this discussion with the HCPLive team, Alan J. Kivitz, MD, MACR, described future research for TAK-279 as well as his outlook on the field for psoriatic arthritis treatments.

Kivitz, known for his work as founder and president of Altoona Center for Clinical Research and of Altoona Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, had presented his team’s findings on TAK-279 at the American College of Rheumatology 2023 Convergence.

After discussing his team’s findings, Kivitz was asked about any the next steps for research or development following the Phase 2b trial results, as well as if there were plans for larger-scale trials.

“Takeda does plan to look at a phase 3 clinical trial carrying forward the dose that has been most favorable,” Kivitz said. “So that will be a much larger phase 3 trial. And that'll certainly inform to a greater degree the place where TAK-279 could exist in the future.”

Later, Kivitz was also asked how TAK-279 compares to existing treatments for psoriatic arthritis in terms of efficacy and safety.

“There are a lot of different mechanisms right now, there are TNF inhibitors,” Kivitz said. “But they carry some warning labels. IL-17 inhibitors that carry some unique potential adverse effects. Il-23 inhibitors, JAK inhibitors, each one has its own unique characteristic of adverse event profile, that TYK2s are being looked at as a potential new option that might balance this efficacy with serious events that are concerning sometimes in the other molecules.”

For further information, view Kivitz’s full HCPLive interview on his team’s findings posted above.

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