Cardiology Case Report: Waxing and Waning Chest Pain

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Our latest cardiology case report features a woman in her 70s presenting to the hospital with 5 days of radiating chest pain. Check out the ECG and determine the correct diagnosis!


A patient in their late-70’s with history of aortic regurgitation and remote atrial fibrillation presents to the hospital with 5 days of chest pain radiating to her upper back and bilateral elbow area that was initially intermittent but now has been constant for the past 2 days; she states that it waxes and wanes but no longer goes away completely. It has not been exertional nor pleuritic but is worse when she lays supine. She states it got worse about 2 hours ago and since then she has also been sweaty and short of breath.


Vital signs are normal. The physical exam is also normal.

An ECG is done:

What is the most likely cause of the ECG findings in this patient?