Jamie Costello: Exercise and Long-Haul COVID-19

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Costello suggests low intensity exercise for those coming off of COVID-19 infections.

Long-haul COVID-19 cases can be debilitating and concerning.

And exercise can be especially difficult for this patient population.

But a slow and light routine could be beneficial for long-haul patients.

In an interview with HCPLive®, Jamie Costello, MSC, Pritikin Longevity Center, explained important and challenging it is to develop exercise programs for COVID-19 patients, but also ensuring that they do not overexert themselves.

Patients with comprised systems should focus less on exercise intensity and more on developing consistently then volume.

These patients should also utilize technology like heart rate monitors to get volume of activity, without overexerting the intensity.

Costello also spoke about how much of the community has turned to exercise as a stress relief during the ongoing pandemic.

He said initially many coped with food or substances like drugs or alcohol, but when it became apparent the pandemic was going to be lasting many turned to exercise to fight stress and cope with the situation.

In line with that notion, Costello said looking at exercise as less about losing weight or measurable statistics and more about what the total holistic benefit of an exercise program could be