Diabetes Dialogue: ATTD 2023 Recap

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A recap of the top news and research from the 16th annual meeting for Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes in Berlin, Germany.

The annual conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) serves as an opportunity for clinicians and companies from across the globe, with representatives from dozens of countries and 6 continents. A showcase of the latest research developments and perspectives from leading experts, the meeting is host to practice-changing decision makers and robust conversations around diabetes management. A multitude of these conversations are now the subjects of special edition episodes of Diabetes Dialogue: Technology, Therapeutics, and Real-World Perspectives.

In addition to the ATTD 2023 recap episode featured above, co-hosts Diana Isaacs, PharmD, an endocrine clinical pharmacist and CGM program coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic, and Natalie Bellini, DNP, an endocrine nurse practitioner at R&B Medical Group, recorded episodes with 7 special guests during their time on site. Summaries of each of these episodes can be found below.

Diabetes Dialogue at ATTD 2023

Joanne Rinker, MS, RDN

The associate director of Medical Affairs and Medical Education at MannKind, Rinker’s conversation with hosts is divided into 2 episodes. The first episode features on Rinker’s work to improve knowledge surrounding the role of auditory screenings in people with diabetes. The second episode focuses on the current role of inhaled insulin, ongoing research at MannKind, and data from the ABC study presented during ATTD 2023.

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Stuart Weinzimer, MD

A pediatric endocrinologist with nearly 25 years of experience, Weinzimer has from the frontlines in his roles as a clinician and leading researcher. In this episode from ATTD 2023, Weinzimer discusses his experience with progressing technology in regard to closed-loop systems during his career, need for inclusion of patient-reported outcomes in pediatric care, and strategies for meeting the practical needs of younger individuals with diabetes.

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Renza Scibilia and Marissa Town, BSN, RN

The ripple effect of the diabetes community’s emphasis on inclusion of patient voice can be seen throughout the continuum of care. Two pioneers leading the way in this arena are Renza Scibilia and Marissa Town, BSN, RN. In their episode at ATTD 2023, Scibilia and Town discuss how their current work and offer insight into how their personal journeys with diabetes have influenced their careers.

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Grazia Aleppo, MD

As the world of diabetes technology continues to make significant strides into the future, guideline writing committees are placed in a difficult position, which is what spurred the ATTD 2023 symposium Aleppo led on technology guidelines have begun to outpace the real-world adoption of these technologies. In this episode, Aleppo discusses this symposium, her perspective on the latest developments in diabetes technology, and more.

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Jake Leach

The Dexcom G7 CGM system saw its US rollout begin the week prior to ATTD 2023. With approval in all types of diabetes and coverage by the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the rollout of the latest generation of Dexcom’s real-time CGM was celebrated by the diabetes community. At ATTD 2023, hosts sit down with Jake Leach, COO of Dexcom, to discuss the rollout of the device, access initiatives, and future research plans to leverage the technology for uses beyond glucose monitoring.

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Katharine Barnard-Kelly, PhD

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) have not only revolutionized the management of diabetes, but the majority of chronic illnesses. Still, a paradox exists where their utility is often exhibited in clinical trials but could be most impactful in real-world settings. A hinderance to this is the lack of standardization in PROs, which is a gap in care Barnard-Kelly has chosen to address. In this episode, Barnard-Kelly discusses a consensus statement she’s creating on PRO standardization as well as the evolving role of psychology in diabetes management.

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