Emmy M. Graber, MD, MBA: New Developments in Acne, Rosacea Treatment

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In an HCPLive interview on her Winter Clinical Miami presentation, Graber describes several new developments in the dermatology space regarding acne and rosacea treatments.

A new interview with HCPLive featured Emmy M. Graber, MD, MBA, during which she went into detail about her presentation ‘New Developments in the Treatment of Acne & Rosacea’ for the 2023 Winter Clinical Miami conference.

Graber is well-known for her work in the dermatology field and as owner and founder of the Dermatology Institute of Boston.

She began her interview with a discussion of some of the biggest developments that motivated the choosing of the presentation’s content.

“So there are a lot of really new exciting developments for acne and rosacea,” Graber said. “Right now, we have some new modalities to offer our patients as treatments. There are 2 new 1726 nanometer lasers…It specifically targets the sebum. I've been using it a lot in my practice, to help patients with their acne alongside other therapeutics such as orals and topicals.”

Graber added that some other new developments led to her presentation’s inception, including other new topicals and a narrow spectrum antibiotic.

“The biggest unmet need for acne and rosacea is finding a treatment that's durable,” she explained. “For a lot of the treatments that we have, patients use them and as soon as they stop them, that acne comes right back. And so patients really want something with lasting results even after they've completed the treatment course. In addition, I see a lot of patients who want something that works really quickly.”

Graber further described some of the major highlights included in her presentation on recent treatment developments for both skin conditions.

“We talked about oral oral sarecycline for acne and some new data that's coming out showing marked improvement in acne patients' social and emotional functioning after using oral oral sarecycline,” she said. “I talked about some topical agents that are relatively new to the market, clascoterone, and a new formulation of tazarotene lotion.”

The conversation with Graber continued, and she described several other treatments that she believed were important to include in the presentation.

“I also talked about a recent study that came out looking at the use of oral isotretinoin alongside of an oral antihistamine, levocetirizine, to help further improve acne and reduce side effects from isotretinoin,” she explained.

To find out more about Graber’s Winter Clinical Miami presentation, view the interview above.