Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion for Patients With Psoriatic Disease

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Janssen's efforts are accompanied by extensive data generation in patients of color and the creation of a diverse workforce.

In an interview with HCPLive Rheumatology, Soumya Chakravarty, MD, PhD, FACP, FACR, Senior Director, Strategic Lead, Janssen Rheumatology, and Daphne Chan, PhD, Head of Dermatology Medical Affairs, Janssen, discussed Janssen’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion for patients with psoriatic disease.

“It has been a fantastic opportunity to emphasize our dedication to advancing care for patients with immune-mediated diseases, especially those with psoriatic disease who belong to communities of color,” Chakravarty emphasized. “The determination platform we discussed is just one of many ongoing efforts, where we collaborate with various partners to develop specific solutions. It's important to note that this is just the beginning.”

Their efforts are accompanied by extensive data generation in patients of color and the creation of a diverse workforce. They strive to deliver culturally competent care and promote progress in this area.

At Janssen, they have undertaken an extensive analysis of the dermatology and rheumatology landscapes to identify unmet needs so they can take meaningful actions as an industry leader and partner. They make an effort to acknowledge the problems the world faces and are realistic about what they can address. Therefore, they focus on the areas where they can make a difference.

Regarding the VISIBLE study, Chan emphasized that simply conducting the study opens doors to demonstrating how it is possible and why it should become the new standard in trial conduct.

“Initially, we were apprehensive and doubted whether it could be done,” Chan stated. “However, I am pleased to report that even taking that first step has yielded tremendous results and rewards. We surprised ourselves by completing the trial's enrollment 7 times faster than projected, concluding 6 months ahead of schedule.”

With the trial recruiting so quickly, they expect to have results available sometime next year.

“We will be delighted to re-engage in a conversation about the results and what we are learning about people of color living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis,” Chan emphasized. “This experience sets a new chapter for inclusive research and medical practice, defining how it should be in the future.

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