Fighting the Historic Disparities of Women's Heart Disease with Martha Gulati, MD

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Martha Gulati, MD, joins The Heart Team to share her professional experiences and recommendations in treating female-specific cardiovascular disease.

In the latest episode of the HCPLive monthly multimedia series Heart Team, a trio of cardiovascular experts reviewed the ongoing challenges in detecting, researching and treating women’s heart disease.

Martha Gulati, MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology, Associate Director of the Barbara Streisand Women’s Heart Center, Associate Director of Preventive and Cardiac Rehabilitation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, joined hosts Michael Farkouh, MD, and Jorge Plutzky, MD, for a comprehensive discussion on the historical issue of female disparity in cardiovascular disease—what she’s seen improved through her career, and what still drives the sex disparity of heart disease outcomes in the US.

In the newest podcast episode from the video series, the 3 experts review these subjects as well as their own real-world encounters with gender-specific heart disease, the impact of women-centric factors such as menopausal status and hormone therapy, the issues of clinical trial recruitment in sex-specific cardiovascular outcomes, and much more.

Heart Team is a monthly multimedia series hosted by Jorge Plutzky, MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology at Harvard Medical School, and Michael Farkouh, MD, Director of the Peter Munk Clinical Trials Unit and Vice Chair of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Watch the full video segment of this episode here.