HCPLive Five at ACC 2024

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Counting down the most impactful news at major medical meetings, it’s the HCPLive Five! This edition focuses on 5 updates from the American College of Cardiology 2024 (ACC.24) Annual Scientific Sessions.

Counting down the biggest news from major medical meetings, it's the HCPLive Five!

Garnering more than 17,000 attendees, the American College of Cardiology 2024 (ACC.24) Annual Scientific Sessions centered around the latest advancements in the specialty of cardiology and cardiometabolic health.

The HCPLive Cardiology team was on-site in “The Big Peach” of Atlanta, Georgia to speak with key opinion leaders (KOLs) and gain insight into what made this meeting in cardiometabolic care so impressive, and so well-attended!

Attendees at this year’s meeting received information on crucial specialty-level updates with immediate practice-changing implications, serving as a testimony to cardiology's important voice in public health discussions.

In this edition of the HCPLive Five, we break down five of the biggest stories at ACC.24:

These 5 represent only some of the data the HCPLive Cardiology team covered at this year's meeting! Check out more KOL insight and our full conference coverage on our ACC.24 page.