HCPLive® Launches Derm Discussions

October 8, 2020
Jonathan Alicea

Jonathan Alicea is an assistant editor for HCPLive. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree with English and minors in Linguistics and Theater. He spends his free time writing plays, playing PlayStation, enjoying the company of his 2 pugs, and navigating a right-handed world as a lefty. You can email him at jalicea@mjhlifesciences.com.

The new dermatology podcast series will launch this month and will be hosted by dermatologist and professor Dr. Brad Glick.

Episode 1, "What's New in Skin of Color?"

Episode 2, "Unlocking the Pediatric Dermatology Toolbox"

Episode 3, "New and Emerging Therapies for the Management of Itch"

The field of dermatology is thriving, and HCPLive® wants to share all the latest developments, updates, and conversations in one place.

Anyone looking for their fix on what’s hot or new in dermatology can be sure to check out Derm Discussions, a new monthly podcast series hosted by Brad Glick, DO, FAAD, professor of dermatology, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

Every episode will feature a discussion between Glick and a fellow dermatology expert on topics unique to the specialty—ranging from aesthetic dermatology to the implications and intersections of mental health, inflammatory diseases to new therapies, and much more.

Experts will offer fresh perspectives on and novel insight into the current state of dermatology.

This new series will cover it all—figuratively, of course.

Launching this month, Derm Discussions represents a core mission of HCPLive® to engage clinicians and healthcare providers through its multimedia channels as well as facilitate conversation within and across specialties.

Even though this series will center around topics within dermatology, these discussions will span across various specialties and subspecialties. After all, the skin is pervasive not just in physical size but in clinical scope.

Anyone interested in being involved in or learning more about the series can reach out to Jonathan Alicea, Assistant Editor and Producer of Derm Discussions, at jalicea@mjhlifesciences.com.