Ilias Alevizos, DMD, PhD: Safety, Future Development of Dazodalibep for Sjögren's Syndrome

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During this interview segment, Dr. Alevizos discussed some of the implications of his team’s findings regarding dazodalibep.

In this segment of his interview with the HCPLive editorial team, Ilias Alevizos, DMD, PhD, responded to several key questions regarding his team’s findings regarding dazodalibep for Sjögren's Syndrome presented at the American College of Rheumatology’s 2023 Convergence in San Diego, California.

Alevizos serves as the executive director of clinical development at Amgen. In this discussion, he was first asked if there were any significant safety concerns or adverse events identified during the course of his team’s study.

Alevizos was also asked about how well-tolerated dazodalibep was shown to be in the study. His team had found that patients who switched from placebo to dazodalibep saw their disease activity improve.

Additionally, from Day 169 to 365, they found a notable decrease in their total ESSDAI score, from 4.1 points to 6.3 points.

“So dazodalibep was well-tolerated,” Alevizos explained. “...The safety profile seemed favorable. At this point, of course, we'll have to test in a much larger population. The only imbalance that we saw was with COVID infections, but there has been no signal safety signal identified for dazodalibep.

Alevizos later elaborated on the mechanism of action of dazodalibep and described how it specifically targets Sjögren's syndrome.

For further information on Alevizos’s findings and their implications, view the full segment posted above.

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