James Q. Del Rosso, DO: What’s New for Acne, Rosacea Treatment

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An interview segment on HCPLive with James Del Rosso, DO, in which he explores key highlights from his presentation at the 2023 Winter Clinical conference.

During an interview segment on HCPLive, James Q. Del Rosso, DO, spoke more about his presentation ‘What’s New in the Medicine Chest, Part II’ regarding treatment for skin dermatoses such as acne and rosacea.

Del Rosso is known for his work as a dermatologist and as research director of JDR Dermatology Research in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I go through some of the newer therapies that we have for rosacea,” he explained. “We have a microencapsulated benzoyl peroxide and people think ‘Benzoyl peroxide? How could you use that in rosacea, it's so irritating?’ But this particular formulation is very well tolerated. And benzoyl peroxide actually works very well, for a variety of reasons, in rosacea.”

He went on to describe several new therapies that had been developed to target rosacea in patients struggling with the condition.

“There have been newer therapies like a topical minocycline foam’s been around a while,” he explained. “We've had topical ivermectin, azelaic acid metronidazole. And then sub antibiotic dose doxycycline, these are all going to reduce those papules and pustules, and the redness around those. And then we utilize devices, lasers and lights for the fixed dilated vessels.”

He added that for the diffuse background redness, clinicians may use devices, although there are also alpha agonists that cause vasoconstriction when applied.

“It's important to use these regularly because over time, the intensity of the background redness at baseline can actually lessen,” Del Rosso said. But if the patients are only using those incrementally to get rid of redness today, but they don't care about it tomorrow, because they're staying home or whatever, they lose that benefit. So the continued use of those can reset the background redness.”

Del Rosso explained that much of the focus in his area of discussion is based on ways to combine different treatments for acne.

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