James Q. Del Rosso, DO: New Therapies in the Medicine Chest for Dermatologists

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Dr. Del Rosso spoke regarding his conference presentation, titled ‘What’s New in the Medicine Chest,’ in which he describes newer therapies in the dermatology field.

In this interview with HCPLive, James Q. Del Rosso, DO, discussed the contents of his presentation ‘What’s New in the Medicine Chest’ from the Fall Clinical Dermatology 2023 Conference for PAs & NPs.

Del Rosso is known for his work as both a dermatologist and as research director of JDR Dermatology Research in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He began the discussion with an explanation of his research, before then explaining his approach to the talk during the conference.

“I often do the ‘What's New in the Medicine Chest’ talk, where I go through what I think is important new information related to therapies that have been out a while,” he explained. “But there's new information that's being brought forward, or newer treatments, so ones that are just right on our doorsteps, both topical and systemic.”

Regarding topicals, Del Rosso noted that his presentation goes through some of the newer non-steroidal agents available for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. He added that he works to differentiate some of these in terms of what they bring to the table.

“Then we get into some of the systemic therapies and the systemic therapies,” Del Rosso added. “A lot of the talk is about biologics, monoclonal antibodies, some new oral treatments, we have a TYK2 inhibitor, deucravacitinib, which is a new mechanism and a new oral agent for plaque psoriasis.”

Del Rosso further described the contents of his presentation at the conference, exploring the other therapies becoming available in the field.

“Then we have the Janus kinase inhibitors for atopic dermatitis but also for other disease states where they're being utilized and being looked into,” he explained. “So there's a lot to talk about, with the Janus kinase inhibitors.”

To learn more about the contents of Del Rosso’s presentation at the conference, view the interview above.

The quotes included here were edited for the purposes of clarity.