Jay Mehta, MD, MSEd: Sharing his Passion for Pediatric Rheumatology

Dr. Mehta talks about rheumatologic testing, joint examinations, and the great relationships he gets to develop with his patients.

Jay Mehta, MD, MSEd, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, shared a presentation for the American Academy of Pediatrics conference, Red Flag or Red Herring: Rheumatologic Lab Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Pain.

In this video interview, he explained that understanding rheumatologic labs is one of his favorite topics to teach about. With a variety of options when it comes to laboratory testing, choosing the correct tests can help a primary care provider decide whether or not to refer a patient to a rheumatologist.

"I have to add that I love the field of pediatric rheumatology," Mehta said. "I feel like it's like this hidden gem."

He couldn't settle on just one favorite aspect about the field. In addition to teaching the evaluation of lab testing, Mehta also enjoys teaching how to do a joint examination. It takes a lot of repetition and practice but when someone starts to get it, it's really fun, he said.

As a pediatric rheumatologist, Mehta explained how he gets to make a difference in his patients' lives and watch them grow up. Also, the treatment and diagnostic landscapes are thriving.

"The things that we're able to do for patients nowadays, it's just amazing," he said.

Mehta encouraged residents, students, or anyone who's interested in the field to reach out to him, or another pediatric rheumatologist.

"It's just an exciting time for pediatric rheumatology," he said. "It's a really fun field, and we get to really establish these great relationships with patients."