Mona Shahriari, MD: Nonsteroidal Topicals Shift Treatment Paradigm in Plaque Psoriasis

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Mona Shahriari, MD, discusses how she foresees the role of nonsteroidal topical creams growing within the management of plaque psoriasis.

The rise of topical nonsteroidal options has captivated the field of dermatology for nearly a decade dating back to the promise shown for agents like tapinarof (Vtama) and roflumilast cream 0.3% (Zorvye) in clinical trial programs.

For dermatologists and other care providers, this level of excitement comes as no surprise as the need for topical therapeutic options beyond steroidal options had become dire. With the adverse effects of long-term use well-documented and these therapies lacking specificity, the field yearned for more options within their armamentarium for the betterment of patient care.

Plaque psoriasis serves as a prime example of a condition where the advent of these newer options has had a significant impact on care and quality of life for patients. Driving some portion of this fervor among specialists is the potential of additional options in the future, including ZL-1102, an anti-IL-17 investigational therapy, which is being evaluated for chronic plaque psoriasis in a phase 2 trial. With a pair of approved agents, and others, potentially, on the way, the field seems poised to embrace these as new standards of care.

Yet, as with all novel therapeutic approaches, optimized uptake of these agents is an uphill battle. With an interest in learning more about the real-world use of nonsteroidal topical options in the management of plaque psoriasis, the editorial team of HCPLive Dermatology sat down with Mona Shahriari, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale University School of Medicine and the associate director of clinical trials at Central Connecticut Dermatology Research, to discuss uptake of newer topical agents, considerations for future use, and the need for education among clinicians and patients. That conversation is the subject of the video found below.

Relevant disclosures for Shahriari include AbbVie, Dermira, Cara, Dermavant, Novartis, Union, BMS, Leo, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Regeneron, UCB, and others.


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