Nearly 65 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Administered Globally

The US and China make up nearly half of the globes vaccinations.

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While global administration of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine is nearing 65 million doses, many larger countries are struggling with distribution.

One full week after starting their coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination efforts, India has experienced a bumpy start with a lower-than-expected turnout according to data from the University of Oxford. The country's rollout has been impacted by technical difficulties and fears over the safety of the vaccines.

With the pandemic still raging in the United States, the Biden administration has recently signed a string of executive orders and presidential directives that aim to fight COVID-19, with the President declaring a “full-scale wartime effort” to combat the disease.

The 200-page document, titled “National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness”, outlines a centralized federal response to one of the worst public health crises the nation has faced. Criticisms of the plan have called it both overly ambitious and not nearly ambitious enough.

The goals stated in the response include plans to increase vaccine distribution by setting up community vaccination sites nationwide. Biden also announced that he plans to scale up testing and tracing programs, eliminate issues with supply shortages, invest in high-quality treatments, and provide paid sick leave to try and contain the spread of the virus.

United States20.54 million6.2 per 100
China15 million1.04 per 100
United Kingdom6.82 million10.05 per 100
Israel 3.62 million41.77 per 100
United Arab Emirate2.49 million25.15 per 100
Germany1.63 million1.95 per 100
India 1.58 million0.11 per 100
Italy1.37 million2.27 per 100
Turkey1.24 million1.48 per 100
Spain1.17 million2.49 per 100

Data TableData per Our World in Data (Jan 18, 2021, 12 AM EST)

Although Georgia has had a limited supply of the vaccine, their rollout of administrations has been successful in comparison to other states.

California2,199,9085.58 per 100
Texas1,763,2996.08 per 100
Florida1,544,7947.19 per 100
New York1,365,4046.89 per 100
Pennsylvania 744,5915.82 per 100
Illinois699,0725.43 per 100
Michigan695,2737.00 per 100
Ohio647,1045.57 per 100
North Carolina636,4396.12 per 100
Georgia604,0675.68 per 100

Data TableData per CDC COVID-19 Tracker (Jan 15, 2021, 9 AM EST)

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