The Physician Burnout Crisis: Manifestations and Ramifications

January 26, 2022
Connor Iapoce

Connor Iapoce is an associate editor for HCPLive and joined the MJH Life Sciences team in April 2021. He graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Journalism and Professional Writing. He enjoys listening to records, going to concerts, and playing with his cat Squish. You can reach him at

Joined by 5 experts in the field of burnout, Crisis Point uncovers the ways burnout manifests and the ramifications it has on both personal and professional lives.

For healthcare professionals, their work is often a balancing act, walking a fine line somewhere between life and death. It frequently extends far beyond the confines of a hospital, or a medical center, where the long hours creep into every aspect of their life.

While the idea of physician burnout seems obvious in theory, the topic is still oftentimes taboo. Both spoken and unspoken rules for those who treat people at their most vulnerable lead to them putting up a shield when they themselves need help; sometimes, the caregiver can’t seek care.

Yet, burnout does not discriminate. These past few years have shown the struggles, consequences, and ultimately, the resilience of the healthcare field in the face of a crisis.

This first episode of Crisis Point on the Burnout Crisis sketches out the varying reaches of burnout, from those unaware of their growing symptoms to the moment when they realized it was affecting both their work and their personal life.

HCPLive® Crisis Point is an in-depth mini-docuseries. The series takes a comprehensive look into different public health crises in the United States, with worldwide implications.

Our 5 experts share their struggles with burnout with honesty and candor in in-depth interviews, expressing the ways it manifested for them and what they did to remedy its ill effects.

  • Jonathan FIsher, MD, Ending Physician Burnout Global Community and Summits
  • Thea Gallagher, PsyD, NYU Langone Psychiatry Associates
  • Lakshmana Swamy, MD, MBA, Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Lisolette Dyrbye, MD, Mayo Clinic
  • Bridget Duffy, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Vocera

Stay tuned for more next week from Crisis Point on burnout in the healthcare field, on the impact of COVID-19.