The Physician Burnout Crisis, with Sue Padernacht, EDd, PCC

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Strategic Alliance Partnership | <b>American Lung Association</b>

The first Lungcast of 2024 touches on one of the most pressing issues in medicine: burnout, with an organizational expert.

Burnout among clinicians has impacted the health care workforce to a severity nearly unmatched by any other industry in the US. To make matters worse, the exponentially increasing rate of physician shortages and systemwide exacerbations derived by the COVID-19 pandemic and the federal response to it has further strained the modern caregiver in 2024.

In short, it is significantly more difficult to work as a physician while maintaining good mental health today—and it may only get harder.

Lungcast returns in 2024 with a guest interview on the critical details of physician burnout—what drives it, how it manifests, what are its effects, and how it may be curbed.

Lungcast is a monthly respiratory news podcast series hosted by Al Rizzo, MD, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association (ALA), and produced by HCPLive.

Joining Rizzo this month is Sue Padernacht, EDd, PCC, a professional certified coach with expertise in leadership assessment, CEO and founder of Ncline Leadership Strategies, and ALA National Board Director. A unique guest relative to Lungcast’s lineup of leading clinicians and clinical researchers, Padernacht provides a deeply analytical perspective on the key details that comprise physician burnout.

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