More Promising Data for ABX 464 for Ulcerative Colitis Patients

December 2, 2021
Kenny Walter

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Nearly half of patients not in clinical remission achieved de novo clinical remission after 1 year in the maintenance study.

New data shows ABX464 could be a viable treatment option for patients with ulcerative colitis.

Recently, Abivax released the results of the ongoing open-label maintenance study testing the once-daily oral 50 mg treatment.

ABX464 is a novel, orally administrated small molecule that could treat ulcerative colitis by interacting with CBC, allowing specific splicing of anti-inflammatory miR-124, leading to a cascade of modulating pro-inflammatory cytokines.

The investigators found 28 of the 101 patients with maintenance data available were already in clinical remission when enrolled in the maintenance study. Of this group, 82.1% (n = 23) stayed in clinical remission during the first year of maintenance.

In addition, 49.3% (n = 36) of patients who were not in clinical remission at the end of the induction phase achieved a de novo clinical remission during the first year of maintenance.

In an interview with HCPLive®, Hartmut J. Ehrlich, MD, CEO of Abivax and Philippe Pouletty, MD, chairman of the board of directors at Abivax, spoke about the positive data and what happens next for ABX464.

“Both on efficacy and safety, we appear to have very favorable results,” Pouletty said. “You might say that ABX464 might have an efficacy that is twice of the efficacy seen in competing products.”