Rheumatology Network's Top 5: June 19, 2022

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Take 5 minutes to catch up on Rheumatology Network's highlights from the week ending June 19, 2022.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Quiz: Sex Differences in RA

Rheumatoid arthritis impacts men and women differently. How much do you know about the differences between the sexes? Take this quiz to find out.

Gout Flares Predicted by Monosodium Urate Deposits, Subclinical Inflammation

Differences among baseline clinical and laboratory characteristics between cases and controls were observed in those with a presence of subcutaneous tophi and higher serum urate levels.

Biologic Use for Psoriatic Arthritis Inconsistent in Poorer Countries

The use of biological DMARDs was similar across countries, but in less wealthy countries, more patients with moderate/high disease activity were not receiving biologics.

Baricitinib Effectively Reduces Frequency of Flares in Patients with JIA

The study, which assessed data from the JUVE-BASIS trial, suggests baricitinib significantly reduced both the time to and frequency of flares in patients with JIA when compared with placebo.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Positively Affected by Vaccine Availability During COVID-19 Pandemic

“The COVID-19 pandemic causes concern among patients with ARD due to increased risk of infection and heightened isolation from social distancing,” investigators explained.