Rheumatology Network's Top 5: March 5, 2022

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Take 5 minutes to catch up on Rheumatology Network's highlights from the week ending March 5, 2021.

Etanercept Achieves Treat-to-Target Goals in RA

In rheumatoid arthritis, a treat-to-target approach aims for remission or low disease activity within the first 3 months. However, investigators noted that improvements continued to increase throughout the 52-week period.

Tofacitinib Met Clinical Response Endpoints in Patients With Psoriatic Arthritis

The long-term success of any psoriatic arthritis treatment may be predictable as early as 3 months if a timely assessment and adjustment of disease management is prioritized.

Easy-BILAG: Fast Scoring, Faster Decisions in Lupus

"For many years we lacked access to novel therapeutics in SLE and our outcomes frequently reflected this," stated Jack Arnold, MBBS, MRCP. "However, with new targeted therapies, we appear to be entering a new era where treatment decisions will require more nuanced thought."

Telemedicine Reviews Varied Among Patients With Psoriatic Arthritis

“This dramatic change in healthcare delivery led to significant challenges amongst healthcare management teams, healthcare professionals as well as patients, especially during the early phases of implementation," investigators stated.

Jeffrey Stark, MD: Bimekizumab Achieves Primary and Secondary Endpoints for Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis

Rheumatology Network interviewed Jeffrey Stark, MD, to discuss the BE COMPLETE study, which examined the efficacy of bimekizumab for treating psoriatic arthritis.