Rheumatology Network's Top 5: October 29, 2022

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Take 5 minutes to catch up on Rheumatology Network's highlights from the week ending October 29, 2022.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Quiz: Muscle Loss in RA

Muscle wasting is a common characteristic associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Test your knowledge of muscle wasting in rheumatoid arthritis with this quiz.

Elevated Immune Response to Gut Bacterial Protein Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis had significantly higher levels of IgA anti-Pc-p27 antibodies and higher levels of IgG anti-Pc-p27 antibodies when compared with healthy controls.

Composite Performance of Ixekizumab Impacted by Structural Damage, Functional Disability in Psoriatic Arthritis

Low disease activity may be the most appropriate treatment target for patients with high levels of structural damage and functional disability.

CRTAC1 Biomarker Linked to Increased Osteoarthritis Risk, Joint Replacements

“The lack of a biomarker of osteoarthritis has hindered development of effective therapies for this common disease,” investigators explained.

Low Rate of Opportunistic Infection Reported in Patients with PsA Treated with DMARDs

Randomized clinical trials evaluating the effect of bDMARD or tsDMARD treatment in patients with psoriatic arthritis were included in the analysis.