The State of C Difficile Care

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Bincy Abraham, MD, led the State of Science program on C difficile infections.

Whether it is new treatments in development or new guidelines in managing clostridium difficile infections (CDI), there is plenty to discuss in this field.

That is why it is so important for experts to come together to discuss new research and different perspectives.

Last month, as part of HCPLive’s State of Science program, a group of 4 C difficile investigators and clinicians discussed several different portions of CDI care and research.

The program, called Institutional Perspectives in Infectious Diseases: Management of C. Difficile and led by Bincy Abraham, MD, MS, Houston Methodist, was held on Nov. 9.

Also joining the panel were Eamon Quigley, MD, Daniel Bushyhead, and Kerri L. Glassner, DO, all of Houston Methodist.