State of the Science: Managing C Difficile Infections

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There are several emerging treatments for C difficile infections.

It is an exciting time for researchers looking at new treatments for clostridium difficile infections.

Building on the success of the unapproved fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) treatment for C difficile infections, several live microbiota therapeutics are currently in development.

Recently during HCPLive’s® State of the Science Summit, entitled Institutional Perspectives in Infectious Diseases: Management of C. Difficile, a group of experts discussed different topics involved in the care of CDI.

The summit was chaired by Jason Sniffen, DO, FACP, FIDSA, of Advent Health.

Joining Sniffen was Mathieu Millette, PhD, Bio-K+, Kerry Group, Maryam Kashi, DO, Advent Health System, and Stuart Johnson, MD, Veterans Affairs.

The event kicked off with Millette’s discussion on understanding C difficile infections. Following Millette was Sniffen’s discussion on standard of care and Kashi’s talk about emerging treatment options.

Concluding the evening was Johnson’s explainer on clinical trials for C difficile infections.