Survey Findings Indicate Need for Increased Skin Health Awareness in US

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These findings were referenced by skincare brand CeraVe, highlighting the need for skin health education as well as skin health barriers.

A new survey of 1000 adults in the US demonstrated that 80% experience issues with skin health, new findings suggest, with 25% reporting more severe skin health issues. Despite these findings, the survey showed that only 40% scheduled a yearly dermatology check-up.1

These findings were announced by skincare company CeraVe, with the conclusions coinciding World Skin Health Day’s date of July 8. The brand, a well-known dermatologist-recommended skincare company, used the findings to highlight the necessity of increasing patients’ skin health education.

They also sought to explore the obstacles present in the US which prevent American adults from receiving proper skincare. In honor of World Skin Health Day, the company is slated to partner with the founders of this awareness day, the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and the International Society of Dermatology (ISD).

"My goal as a doctor has always been to give care to those who need it most,” Dustin Portela, DO, of Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, said in a statement. “Volunteering with NAFC and CeraVe on World Skin Health Day is one way I'm living that commitment to make sure that I'm offering care beyond those who see me in the office so that I can give back to my community and make a lasting impact on skin health, and hopefully, inspiring other dermatologists to become changemakers alongside us."

Portela is one of the most-followed board-certified dermatologists on social media. Portela volunteered at his local NAFC clinic, The Marie Blanchard Friendship Clinic in Boise, Idaho. The announcement regarding CeraVe’s partnership decision was designed to help drive this movement around the world, urging the enhancement of patient education, awareness, and skin health access within areas known to be underserved.

To highlight the company’s commitment to making skin health accessible to the world, CeraVe became the inaugural corporate partner of World Skin Health Day. It decided to implement its network of dermatologists, assisting the ILDS and ISD in their initiation of a movement for change.

Events across Argentina, Tanzania, Malta, Nepal, North America, and Australia are being held as a result of the initiative, with the goal being focusing on education of diverse groups of individuals about the value of equitable access to skincare. Additionally, the goal involves connecting dermatologists with individuals who may be in need.

Some of the activities in this initiative which are highlighted within CeraVe’s announcement include the training of workers in hospital facilities, local government advocacy outreach, and the provision of specialty care for different skin conditions.

"CeraVe is committed to increasing access to therapeutic skincare for all people, particularly those in underserved communities where there is a real gap in access to skin health resources," Tom Allison, L’Oreal’s senior vice president of medical dermatology marketing, said in a statement. "We work alongside our partners who are leading change, like the NAFC, ILDS and ISD, by offering training, mentorship, grants and in-kind products to help close this skin health gap and ensure everyone can access the care that they need."

The brand encourages American dermatologists to take part, serving as what is titled ‘Derm Changemakers’ and providing free skin checks within their respective communities. Through its partnership with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC), CeraVe and NAFC are inviting dermatologists to volunteer on July 8 at select clinics nationwide, making skincare more accessible to the communities they serve.

The company’s announcement noted the value of skin checks and the provision of products to such programs, highlighting the survey findings suggesting that not having insurance (20%), longer wait times (27%), and limited dermatologist availability (18%) had been major barriers identified. Barriers to accessing pediatric dermatologists were recently covered in an article by HCPLive as well.2

For individuals seeking a visit to NAFC clinic on World Skin Health Day, the announcement recommends patients identify the nearest location offering skin checks at


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