Lisa Swanson, MD: New Treatments for Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis

A pediatric dermatologist discusses dupilumab for pediatric atopic dermatitis in addition to promising new therapies.

The recent FDA approval of dupilumab (Dupixent) for children aged 6-11 years has been an important turning point in the treatment narrative of atopic dermatitis. And, as any dermatologist would hope, promising therapies are just visible on the horizon.

In this month’s episode of Derm Discussions, “Unlocking the Pediatric Dermatology Toolbox,” pediatric dermatologist Lisa Swanson, MD, of ADA West Dermatology, discussed the therapeutic benefit of dupilumab for her pediatric patients.

She lauded the biologic agent’s efficacy and safety within this population.

“I tell patients and their families, ‘this is a life-changer for [you],” she said. “It makes me feel better to be able to help these kids in this way.”

A side effect Swanson noted was conjunctivitis; however, she explained her 2-3 cases were mild and easily resolved with a referral to an ophthalmologist.

She also discussed new therapies and formulations that are emerging down the pipeline. For example, she noted topical tapinarof, topical JAK inhibitors, oral JAK inhibitors, and IL-13 blockers.

According to her, the immediate future looks particularly promising for these particular patients.

“I think the past 10-15 years have been the age of psoriasis, and the next 10-15 are going to be the age of atopic dermatitis,” Swanson stressed.

Listen to the full podcast episode below: