The Best of Lungcast in 2021

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Dr. Al Rizzo highlights the best insights and opinions from featured guests this last year.

Anything that could be remarked on the notable respiratory medicine developments of 2021 has probably already been written and said. In another year of a global respiratory virus pandemic and increasing rates of chronic lung disease, the field has been subject to historic developments, global setbacks, exciting discoveries, and landmarks met.

Rather than repeat those headlines, let’s dive once more into the details that defined them, featuring the experts behind the work.

This special episode of Lungcast features memorable segments from each monthly episode that made up its 2021 season. Each segment highlights the best perspectives, discoveries, and insights shared by expert guests on the show, hosted by Al Rizzo, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the American Lung Association.

Lungcast is a monthly respiratory health podcast series from the ALA produced by HCPLive.

This episode’s featured segments include:

  • Anne E. Dixon, MD, on new asthma management guidelines
  • Donald Alcendor, PhD, on minority representation in vaccine research
  • Philip LoBue, MD, on persistent tuberculosis in the US
  • Maryam Valapour, MD, on lung transplant allocation
  • Poune Saberi, MD, MPH, on air pollution-related health
  • Kevin Walton, PhD, on e-cigarette developments
  • Andrea Mazzocchi, PhD, on lung cancer biomarker advancement
  • Michael Greenberg, MD, MPH, on mRNA vaccine technology
  • James Mulshine, MD, on improving lung cancer screening
  • Shantanu Agrawal, MD, on diagnosing COVID-19 and the flu

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