Waqar Khan, MD, MPH: The Importance of Coronary Heart Disease Awareness

Dr. Khan discusses some of the risk factors associated with CHD.

There are very few people who haven’t been personally impacted by coronary heart disease (CHD), whether it is them personally or a loved one.

However, treating the disease that results in 17 million deaths annually can be difficult and identifying who might be at risk in the future is crucial in driving that number down.

Waqar Khan, MD, MPH, Founder and President of Lone Star Heart and Vascular Center is hoping to shed some light on this condition with his new book, Be Heart Smart.

In the book, Khan uses real-life patient stories and new evidence-based data to tell the entire tale of what doctors should do to treat these patients and what people and family members should be on the lookout for.

Khan explores how CHD impacts the individual and what some risk factors and root causes are. He also looks at the different types of heart attacks and how their warning signs differ.

In an interview with HCPLive®, Khan discussed the goal behind Be Heart Smart and how he plans to update the information in the future should new guidelines or more data come out.