A Patient-Centric Medcast on the Journey Through Moderate Plaque Psoriasis - Episode 1

A Patient-Centric Medcast on The Journey Through Moderate Plaque Psoriasis

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Advanced practice providers in dermatology discuss exciting developments in the treatment landscape of plaque psoriasis. Listen to their insights into the often-challenging journey patients go on. The arrival of novel oral systemic treatment options offers opportunities to alleviate the burden of this chronic disease.

00:00 Introductions

02:10 The impact of plaque psoriasis

07:48 Absence of treatment or under treatment of plaque psoriasis

12:50 Prescribing novel systemic medications in plaque psoriasis as an advanced practice provider

15:46 Classifying moderate disease in plaque psoriasis

19:43 Getting payer approval for your patients with plaque psoriasis

23:18 Novel oral systemic treatments for plaque psoriasis

25:03 Pivotal clinical trial data on deucravacitinib

27:58 Deciding on aprimilast versus deucravacitinib for your patients with plaque psoriasis

31:53 Mechanism of action of deucravacitinib

38:13 Selecting a therapy in the evolving treatment landscape for your patient with plaque psoriasis

43:08 Educating your patients on injectables and orals systemic treatments

46:58 Summary