JAK Inhibitors in the Evolving Treatment Landscape of Atopic Dermatitis - Episode 10

Access to JAK Inhibitors in AD

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Lisa Swanson, MD, PhD, highlights dermatology biologics coordinators as a resource for getting better access to JAK inhibitors.

This is a video synopsis/summary of a panel discussion involving Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD; Peter Lio, MD; Lisa Swanson, MD, PhD; and Alexandra Golant, MD.

Dr Swanson discusses the challenges and successes in providing access to Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors for her patients. While acknowledging regional variations, she highlights the importance of a dedicated biologics coordinator in streamlining access, emphasizing their role in navigating different geographies and parts of the country. Dr Swanson expresses gratitude for having an excellent biologics coordinator in her practice, underscoring the pivotal role these professionals play.

She also shares valuable information about the Dermatology Biologics Coordinators Society, an annual meeting resource providing tips and tricks for coordinators, fostering collaboration and support among professionals in the field.

Regarding payer issues, prior authorizations, and co-pay assistance, Dr Swanson emphasizes the benefit of being part of a large academic institution with an infrastructure supporting patients in accessing biologics. The Biologic Treatment Center, functioning like an experienced biologics coordinator, helps manage the exhaustive burden on the office.

The experts stress the importance of seeking help and utilizing available resources, including reaching out to local representatives, patient hubs, and company specialists, all contributing to the support package for ensuring patient access to JAK inhibitors. The discussion underscores that different models exist for accessing these medications, but the key takeaway is that there are effective ways to provide patients with access to JAK inhibitors.

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