Achieving Durable Clinical Response with Targeted Treatments for Vitiligo - Episode 1

Achieving Durable Clinical Response with Targeted Treatment for Vitiligo

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In this MEDcast episode, Dr Chovatiya and Dr Bunick delve into the advancements in targeted treatments for vitiligo, exploring their potential to provide long-term efficacy and durable clinical response.

0:53 Quality of life impact of vitiligo

2:55 Pathogenesis of vitiligo

5:08 Approaches to vitiligo treatment

8:30 Mechanism of JAK inhibitors

10:25 TRuE-V1 and TRuE-V2 studies for the JAK inhibitor ruxolitinib

14:15 Variation in repigmentation with vitiligo

17:20 Safety of topical ruxolitinib

21:00 Data from the long-term extension trial of ruxolitinib

25:75 Achieving meaningful treatment response in vitiligo

30:15 Investigational biomarkers and treatments for vitiligo