Advances in Treatment of Agitation Associated with Dementia Due to Alzheimer’s Disease - Episode 1

Advances in Treatment of Agitation Associated with Dementia Due to Alzheimer Disease

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Expert geriatric psychiatrists explore a frequently encountered symptom in Alzheimer’s disease, agitation. We will discuss its impact on patient’s and care giver’s quality of life, the current standard of care and the first FDA approved agent for treatment of agitation symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease.

0:00:00 Introduction

0:01:21 The definition and prevalence of agitation in Alzheimer’s disease

0:05:17 The International Psychogeriatric Association Agitation Workgroup agitation reduction and prevention psychogeriatric consensus algorithm

0:07:00 Episodic agitation

0:09:57 The pathophysiology of agitation

0:09:52 Diagnostic work up in agitation

0:13:15 Managing agitation in long term care facilities

0:15:54 The burden of agitation

0:17:52 Nonpharmacological treatment options

0:20:49 Pharmacological treatment options

0:22:32 Brexpiprazole for treatment of agitation

0:23:17 Mechanism of action and clinical trial data of brexpiprazole

0:25:40 Safety profile of brexpiprazole

0:26:58 Managing expectations with brexpiprazole

0:28:28 Managing acute breakthrough agitation

0:31:10 Emerging agitation agents on the horizon

0:32:27 Collaborating with Centers of Medicare and Medicaid on using antipsychotic agents in long term care facilities

0:35:44 summary