Emerging Agents in the Treatment of Gout

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In this discussion, experts focus on emerging treatment options for gout and share tips for monitoring and managing gout in patients with comorbid conditions.

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1:10 Gout in the US

3:10 Gout and comorbidities

5:40 Diagnostic tools in gout

10:55 Treatment options for gout

13:10 IL-1 inhibitors in gout flares

14:00 Mechanisms to improve uric acid excretion

15:40 Options for treatment resistant gout

16:30 Uricases in treatment of gout

20:30 Pegloticase use in gout

22:50 Pegadricase in gout

23:30 Other therapeutic targets in gout

25:50 Challenges in monitoring patients with gout

29:50 Management of gout in patients with comorbid conditions

31:20 Final thoughts