Emerging Agents in the Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases - Episode 1

Emerging Agents in Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases

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In this MEDcast episode, Drs. Soloman, Sharobeem, and Mease discuss newer mechanisms of actions and emerging therapies in rheumatic diseases and tools that are becoming available to rheumatologists to practice precision medicine.

00:00 Welcome and introductions

01:40 Novel therapeutic agents targeting pathophysiology of rheumatic diseases

06:15 IL-17A, IL-17F inhibitor bimekizumab

07:42 Tyk2 inhibitor deucravacitnib in rheumatology

09:50 IL-17A inhibitor izokibep in psoriatic arthritis

11:10 Outcome measures in rheumatic diseases

16:20 Molecular signature response classifier (MSRC) test

19:40 Biosimilars in rheumatology

24:30 Precision medicine in clinical practice

29:30 Role of advanced practice practitioners in rheumatology