Emerging Evidence in the Treatment of Obesity - Episode 1

Emerging Evidence on the Treatment of Obesity

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In this episode of MEDcast, Diana Isaacs and Natalie Bellini interview Dr. Ken Fujioka, an endocrine specialist, to discuss practice guidelines on obesity treatment and the evolution of anti-obesity medications over the last decade.

1:20 Obesity-associated metabolic disturbances

5:37 When to start medication for obesity

8:28 Metabolic pathways leading to weight gain

13:19 Long-term impact of weight fluctuations

16:07 GLP-1 agonists for weight loss

20:26 Insurance coverage for anti-obesity medications (AOMs)

24:50 Combining lifestyle changes with AOMs

26:27 ‘Super-responders’ to GLP-1 agonist therapies

30:51 Non-responders to GLP-1 agonist therapies

37:28 Comprehensive approach to weight management