Emmy M. Graber, MD, MBA: The Present and Future of Acne, Rosacea Treatment

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In another segment of her interview with HCPLive, Graber explored some of the latest treatment developments for acne and rosacea covered in her 2023 Winter Clinical Miami presentation.

For her latest interview segment with HCPLive, Emmy M. Graber, MD, MBA, went into more from her 2023 Winter Clinical Miami presentation on new treatments for acne and rosacea.

Graber, known for her work as founder and owner of the Dermatology Institute of Boston, described several new treatments including oral sarecycline for acne and a new topical for rosacea.

“Oral sarecycline has been FDA-approved for several years now as a narrow spectrum antibiotic, and a lot of dermatologists are aware of that,” she stated. “There is a new study coming out, which I was fortunate to be an investigator on, and there are several posters on it here at Winter Clinical Miami, talking about a real world evidence study where we gave patients sarecycline alongside any other treatment options that their physician thought were medically necessary for their acne.”

She described the study, explaining that the treatment improved study participants’ feelings about their own well-being in 12 weeks.

Graber then described some more of the newest treatments in the field, specifically regarding rosacea.

“Within the last year, there is a newly approved FDA cream for papulopustular rosacea,” she said. “It's a silica-encapsulated, microencapsulated benzoyl peroxide 5% cream. And we're so accustomed to telling our rosacea patients to wait 2 to 3 months to see improvement in their rosacea.”

Graber explained that with this treatment, patients were beginning to see positive results in as early as 2 weeks of therapy. She also went into a bit about what she hoped to see in the future for patients.

“A lot of the studies that we have just look at some of these options as monotherapy,” she said. “And so looking for a combination treatment I think would be very helpful because that's how we prescribe things in real life in practice.”

For more information on Graber’s 2023 Winter Clinical Miami presentation, view the interview segment above.