Managing Psoriasis Biologics During COVID-19 - Episode 4

Maintaining Biologic Adherence

What is the value of maintaining beneficial biologic therapy long-term for psoriasis?

Brad Glick, DO, FAAD: I think that really speaks to what the the needs are in managing patients when we have to shift therapies, particularly when there's an insurance shift. Once again, the first bullet point that is most important is to try to maintain the same therapy or the same class. If you can't, then you have to step back and look at the counseling points and determine whether the other categories of therapies whether they be other older systemic therapies, although I prefer to and most of us typically don't go that retro back to older therapies.

But we would go to a different class of biologic therapy and we look at that entire patient, their medication, profile their comorbidities, and choose accordingly and explain the risk and benefit and hopefully patients have equally successful responses when we have to shift to a different agent.