Optimizing Cardiovascular Health: Advancements in LDL Cholesterol Management through Intensive and Early Treatment Strategies - Episode 11

Medication Adherence in Patients with High LDL Cholesterol

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The panel explores issues surrounding medication adherence and the potential for improved patient engagement. They emphasize that poor medication adherence increases the risk of cardiovascular events and discuss factors such as drug cost, timing of administration, and the importance of adopting a patient-centric approach to optimize treatment success.

Video content above is prompted by the following questions:

  • Adherence remains a big hurdle in lipid management. A well-known rule in medicine is, “the more educated the patient, the more adherent the patient.”
    • How do you implement patient education on cardiovascular health into your practice? What are persistent gaps?
    • How are the novel molecular treatments affecting adherence to lipid lowering therapies? (examples from your practice?)
    • What is still needed on a larger/national scale to educate patients as well as providers on the importance of lipid screening and the availability of safe and effective medication?