Practical Cardiology to Join HCPLive Network in 2023

Published on: 

Beginning January 1, 2023, all new content and insights from the editorial teams of Practical Cardiology, Endocrinology Network and Rheumatology Network will be hosted on HCPLive.Com.

For years, Practical Cardiology® has served a key role in delivering topline news and expert-guided resources to every clinical stakeholder in the field of cardiology. We’ve grown our audience, our offerings, and our very network of collaborative experts through an emphasis on the newest, most impactful and most-discussed subjects defining the field today—and potentially tomorrow.

We finish 2022 having accomplished many feats: a new record for site traffic, a bevy of new expert contributors and multimedia series, and a pronounced return to live, in-person meeting coverage and studio programs.

And best of all, we end the year with an exciting new partnership that allows us to expand our presence in cardiology news.

Practical Cardiology®, along with sister sites Endocrinology Network ® and Rheumatology Network ®, will be officially merging with medical news site HCPLive®, becoming the longtime site’s representative cardiology news source. Everything Practical Cardiology® has to offer—including its content, multimedia series, and teams of expert advisors—will be available on, among a growing network of specialty-focused site coverage.

Cardiology, in each component of academic, research and clinical status, has become representative of great changes to modern health care. Our care teams are more diverse in specialty and capability; our drug classes are becoming multifactorial; our strategies are becoming more collaborative and comprehensive. We hope to reflect these changes in our own partnership with HCPLive®, as our coverage will coexist—and, when relevant, overlap—with coverage from every other specialty.

Our site’s coverage, series and experts will begin to migrate to the HCPLive® cardiology section in the coming weeks, along with Endocrinology Network® and Rheumatology Network® in their respective specialty sections. We’re excited to be joining a growing team that shares our valuation of specialty medical news and insights from key opinion leaders, and our prioritization on FDA and pipeline news, multimedia expert interviews and in-depth meeting coverage.

2022 was a hallmark year for Practical Cardiology®. We’re excited to see how much more what we started can grow with HCPLive® in 2023.