Rethinking Psychiatry With Dr. Steve Levine

In the first episode of Rethinking Psychiatry, Dr. Steve Levine is joined by Dr. Gul Dolen for a discussion on how the brain shapes social behavior.

We are at a crossroads in psychiatry.

What was already a growing mental health problem worldwide, was only made worse by a multi-year global pandemic.

And psychiatry is in the place where it must adapt to the times and continue to evolve with new treatments and practices to help address a new era of problems.

That is where Dr. Steve Levine comes in.

Dr. Levine, who is the SVP of Patient Access and Medical Affairs for COMPASS Pathways and a non-executive chairman for Heading Health, will lead HCPLive's newest series, Rethinking Psychiatry.

In this monthly video series, Dr. Levine will speak with emerging thought leaders and patients about the new era of psychiatry.

These discussions will focus on new and non-traditional therapies, like psychedelics, the role of telehealth in the future, and how we can continue our research into the brain and the different roles brain function has in psychiatric disorders.

And the series will start off strong.

For the inaugural episode, Dr. Levine is joined by Gul Dolen, MD, PhD, associate professor of neuroscience at the Brain Science Institute of the Wendy Klag Center of Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Dolen’s area of expertise centers on how the brain impacts social behaviors through basic neurobiological processes.

Dr. Dolen joined the show for an illuminating conversation on the brain and how critical periods in life shape some of the social behaviors that are seen later in life.